Trainer Bio ~ Getting to know Patty
Patty Johnson was born and raised on a farm in Footville Wisconsin, where her parents encouraged her horse enthusiasm by attending horse shows in her early years. Patty's love for horses has now turned into 35 years of training experience. Iron Horse Training Center was designed and built with Patty’s training philosophy and love for horses. Built with the horse in mind it is "all about the horse and making you and your horse a team". Patty has apprenticed under the guidance and mentorship of several top trainers, which has allowed her to specialize and hone her craft. She continues to work as a professional in the field she loves.  

Training ~ Your Horse
Patty's proven effective training methods and educational program will help produce a successful team. With over 20 World Champion titles and many youth and amateur all around saddles she has the experience to help take you and your horse to the next level. She combines her expertise in education, horsemanship, horse behavior, communication, and specific individual skills to educate horses and their owners. Patty has the ability to explain how behavior and movement affect performance and partnership between horse and rider. Her philosophy, teaching techniques, and intuition help guide horse and rider to understand and communicate with each other.

Lessons and Training ~ You and Your Horse
Lessons are an important part of learning to understand your horse. Using hands, legs and seat to properly communicate to your horse makes your riding experience more meaningful. You will find your horses’ response to precise cues enables your riding to become more efficient and achieve greater results. The patience with which Patty teaches allows questions to be asked and individuals to work through and learn at their own pace. Lessons are tailored to each person’s experience level as Patty navigates each technique in a way that is easily understood by the rider. Youth learn the importance of caring and working with a large animal with patience, respect, and safety in mind to become a confident team. Patty works with all ages from youth to the select rider. Her expertise provides riders with the knowledge to have two way communication and respect between horse and rider that will make for quality performances and rides.

Whether you are considering riding lessons for personal goals or thinking of lessons to further your competitive advancement Patty can help equip you with the skills to attain the goals and dreams you have for you and your horse. She will increase your understanding of your horse and their behavior far beyond what unstructured riding can do. With her guidance you and your horse will develop a “confident” partnership through behavior modification, persistence in education, and create a respectful working relationship that is so important for your success. 

Specializing in Making You and Your Horse a Team
Whether starting a weanling to lead, training a two year old to have a solid foundation, or continuing a started horse to the level
of World Competition, her experience and previous Championships help take you and your horse to whatever level you desire.