The focus of our young horse program is building the right foundational skills for your horse to be successful at any level Each horse is started by structuring a program designed specifically to their learning ability, physical attributes, and individual personalities.  Beginning with ground work each horse is brought along at their own pace  ensuring understanding is complete before moving to the next skill.  Each lesson builds upon the next by instilling confidence and preparing the horse for the next training session. 

Although each horse's program is unique, under typical circumstances after 30 days owners can expect their horse to be able to walk, trot, lope, stop, and back up with a rider, calm and content.  During the next 30 days your horse will build upon these skills by becoming physically stronger and able to do these fundamental techniques with more ease and collection.  At approximately the 45 day period, depending on the individual, we expect our young horses to be solid enough in their training to have the owner start to participate with weekly lessons.

At this point we continue to bring your horse along by consistently reinforcing his confidence and skill level.  Through your lessons we strive to ensure that you and your horse become a team.  We work very hard to enable you to understand your horse by improving communication between horse and rider.

The basics learned in the first 90 days regardless of discipline remains the same.  In addition to training your horse under saddle our focus is also on manners and daily activities such as, ground tying, whether for grooming or saddling, standing quietly for the farrier, bathing, clipping, tying, mounting and dismounting.

We look forward to working with you and your horse to help you reach your own goals!

Specializing in Making You and Your Horse a Team